HSE Coordinator M/F

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16 May 2023


  1. Ensuring continuous improvement of operational safety management knowledge and application on board BOURBON vessels contracted to ESSO operation.
  2. Supporting vessels and Client Satisfaction Chain management by achieving and maintaining compliance with Ship mangers and SONASURF HSE expectations, based on and aligned with Bourbon HSE requirements
  3. Delivering on EEAL HSE expectations as detailed in Sub0 agreement No. A2332745 to MSA A2329580
  4. In this position, special focus is on delivery of Operational Safety excellence vis a vis supporting all HSE functions on board SONASUF contracted vessels as well as monitoring and reporting of company and Client KPI's.

Responsibilities, Authorities and accountability

  • To deliver and report on HSE expectations and requirements as directed by HSE manager
  • Manage day to day incident management including investigation relating to SONASURF contrac ted vessels within EEAL operations . Follow up HSE events:
    • Root cause analysis
    • Action point follow up
    • Prepare alerts and lessons learnt
    • Sharing and documentation
  • Promote the HSE culture, coach employees on the subject and check implementation of a risk management
    • Promote and check implementation of a risk management
    • Proactive HSE approach; incident management, training and inductions, communication (Campaign, seminars, alerts, Intranet)
  • Lead, guide and coach the SONASURF HSE team in EEAL operations
  • Provide HSE related OSM knowledge and advice to shore based and offshore personnel
    • Ensure application of HSE procedures
    • Measure HSE standards in compliance with HSE related OSM levels
    • Assist HSE manager in verifying the compliance of HSE procedures in compliance with OSM drivers 8/9/10
  • Manage the accurate and timely reporting of the HSE's statistics rela ting to SONSURF contracted vessels within the EEAL operations
    • Analyze HSE statistics to identify trends and assist HSE manager in developing actions
    • Plans to minimize incident rates and improve HSE performance
    • Provide reports and feedback to HSE manager in order to allow development of accurate trends and statistical performance
    • Provide improvements proposals based on the HSE team feedback.
  • Participate in identifying gaps and bridging between EEAL and Ship manager/ SONSURF/ safety management systems and processes.
  • Support client satisfaction chain stakeholders (E.g EEAL contract manager)
  • Assist HSE manager in the management and implementation of “safety Takes Me Home Campaign”
  • Implement new procedures based on HSE guidelines as delegated by the HSE manager.
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