Polar Chief Engineer

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Vessel type:
Research / Survey 
£59,078 - £73,848
RRS Sir David Attenborough, Antarctica/UK
September 16, 2022


  • To be responsible for the management and maintenance of all ship’s machinery and associated equipment and systems, ensuring optimum efficiency.
  • To have overall responsibility for the management of the Planned Maintenance System and ensure that all requisitions for stores, spares, repairs, service attendances, and tools are submitted and monitored as required.
  • To be responsible for the management of the Engineering Department Staff and their welfare and supportive of their personal and professional development.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • To provide at all times for the seaworthiness of the ship within the areas of responsibility and to ensure the safety of personnel in the engineering and machinery spaces or when operating machinery elsewhere.
  • To oversee Engineer and ETO cadets training programme in conjunction with the 2/E.
  • To take on-scene charge of all emergencies involving machinery spaces.
  • To ensure, in liaison with the Master, that the ship is adequately stocked (with fuel, lube oil, spares, ER stores etc) for the voyage and to order replenishments as required as per Procedure SEA-MPMGEN12
  • To liaise with AME & be aware of the BAS budgetary control system and of actual costs
  •  To be responsible for the maintenance of all machinery including deck and scientific machinery (subject to SEA-SD-MSI-SCI-03).
  • To have overall responsibility for Ship’s Planned Maintenance System on-board and ensure that it is kept up to date, including safety items.
  • To be fully familiar with the condition of the ship’s hull and machinery and to ensure that defects are reported in accordance with Procedure SEA-MPM-GEN-14.
  • To assign an Engineering Officer to liaise with C/O and manage FW treatment.
  • To oversee and support the work of the Electrical Technical Officer (ETO), Electronics Officer and Deck Engineer and to ensure that they receive assistance as required for their repair and maintenance programmes.
  • To ensure optimum efficiency in the use of lubricating oil, Engineering Departments stores and spares. This should include liaising with the Master regarding the most efficient use of fuel oil.
  •  To comply with all statutory and SMS requirements for the protection of the environment.
  •  To oversee the reception/discharge/use of fuel and lubricating oils & use best endeavours to avoid pollution/spillage. To ensure that bunker quantities are correct. Refer SEA-SD-MSI-GEN-27 & Form SEA-SD-FORM-ENG-19 / 20.
  • To supervise the completion of all Engineering Dept. records, logbooks and documentation
  • To ensure the safety and security of the machinery at all times by arranging and managing the Engine Room/Duty watch rota as per SEA-SD-MSI-ENG-01 and to supervise the Engineering staff as required.
  • To oversee the Engine Room Spaces / ECR during periods of standby.
  • To oversee the safe operation/maintenance of the ship’s waste handling machinery in liaison with the Chief Officer.
  • To assist the Master in ensuring the vessel complies with statutory and class requirements.
  •  Ensure winterisation requirements are undertaken when required in conjunction with the Chief Officer.
  •  To coordinate the preparation of a refit spec in conjunction with AME for all work required for Engineering Departments responsibilities.
  • To undertake any other duties consistent with the key responsibilities and duties of the post, as directed by the Master.