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June 17, 2022

This position is the role of Maritime Assurance Assessor Inland in the Regional Team, and will be an excellent opportunity for someone with an ambition to have direct responsibility for the quality assurance of Inland Shipping EU (Barges), regional shipping assurance activities, ambition to build relationships with business stakeholders and assurance team members and ambition to support team development following the recently implemented new regional team structure.

Core assurance activities:

The Maritime Assurance teams are responsible for providing Maritime Assurance advice to all areas of the business (including Crude, Products, LPG, LNG and Chemicals). This includes confidential vetting and screening of vessels offered for all forms of Shell employment, including time charter assurance and ship owner management reviews. The Maritime Assurance Team provides round-the-clock vetting service to the Shell Group of Companies in support of Global Shipping activities.

What will you do:

You will be responsible for the understanding, managing, and implementing of

Shell Maritime Quality Assurance Standards in support of Group requirements for Inland shipping EU (Riverine barges) businesses. You will also be conversant with national legislation (e.g. ADN, RPR) and Industry standards, codes and guidelines (e.g. ES-TRIN, ES-QIN, ES-RIS, ISGINNT).

  • Responsible to cover assurance requirements, both in process and application, of the Inland vessels EU (Barges)
  • Maintenance of the database of Inland vessels EU barges in Group Maritime Assurance System (GMAS)
  • Perform Ship Owner Management reviews of third-party Inland vessels EU barge managers to determine their acceptability for period charter business.
  • Manage OCIMF managed BIRE BIQ applications in support of Shell’s interest
  • Act as regional Team focal point and liaison for the management of Time Charter assurance covering the third-party Inland vessels EU (Barges) barges and managers.
  • Act as OCIMF inspection regime focal point for inland shipping EU (Barges)
  • Perform contract management activities as contract holder for barge inspection contractors
  • Support the application of quality assurance requirements for regional vessels

Essential part of Maritime Assurance Assessor’s role is to establish and sustain professional relations with internal and external parties.

The successful candidate will undergo training to obtain OCIMF SIRE CAT 3 accreditation and maintain an appropriate level of competence to conduct Ship BIRE inspections. Focused training and onboarding will be given to support specific elements, like the Time Charter assurance program, the Inland specific assurance requirements, and general familiarization with the regional organisation.

Required Experience and Qualification:

  • In possession of “Rijnpatent”, or
    • Nationally recognised Barge Master licence, or
    • Nationally recognised barge Chief Engineers license, or
    • Extensive day-to-day experience in barge operations or barge terminal management.
  • Must have served at least two years on Inland Vessel EU (barges) in a senior rank
  • Served means in this instance actual accumulated time on board and not calendar
  • Certificate of Competency for navigation on EU Inland waterways
  • ADN Oil, ADN Safety Advisor, Chemical and Gas certification
  • Minimum 5 years of service aboard EU inland barges handling chemical products and / or chemical gases. At least 2 years as skipper.
  • Key to this position is knowledge of and the ability to apply international EU inland legislation (e.g. ADN, CDNI, ROSR, ES-TRIN, ES-QIN, ES-RIS) and Industry standards, codes and guidelines (i.e. ISGINTT, CEVNI, IFGC).
  • Ability to assess HSSE performance, contractual compliance and performance in support of business, Freight, deliverables and guide improvement projects aligned with management controls described by TMSA
  • Strong communications skills and fluency in English and Dutch or German


Role and Department

Shell Shipping and Maritime is Shell's center of expertise for Shipping and Maritime matters. It provides commercial, ship management and technology services for the group, and is responsible for ensuring that all our global maritime activities are safely managed.

The delivery of the strategy is through Shipping and Maritime business divisions and Maritime Technical Function disciplines. The business division Standards and Assurance ensures that maritime activity is being conducted safely and that assets used by the Group (ports, terminals, berths, cargoes and vessels) are positively vetted before they are used.

The overall Shipping and Maritime team consist of diverse nationalities and has an inclusive working environment in which different values and perspectives are valued with Safety ranked as top priority for every activity. Our shared core values of honesty, integrity and respect for people underpin all the work we do and are the foundation of our business principles.

The Regional Maritime Assurance Team based in Rotterdam consists of 6 persons covering assurance of regional vessels, inland shipping EU (Barges) and marine terminals within Europe and Africa.


Shell has approximately 2,000 vessels operating each day on behalf of the Group and the Global SQA team carries in excess of 60,000 vessel screenings per annum. In order to manage the risk, approximately 25,000 OCIMF and CDI reports are reviewed and rated each year, of which some 2500 are carried out on behalf of Shell.

Approximately 80 Management Reviews of third-party technical managers/operators are conducted annually.

Regional – Inland Shipping EU:

The Inland Shipping EU assurance covers: Inland vessels EU (Barges) 1,250 barges, covered by annually 100 Shell arranged barge inspections, approx. 50 Time charters and third-party Inland vessels EU (Barges) managers covered by annually 25 TMSA based Management reviews.

Inland shipping operations, moving approx 23 million tons of products with approx 10.000 barge movements.

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