Harbor Master – Jazan

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Date posted:
November 24, 2020
Shore Side Jobs
Jazan, Saudi Arabia

Principal Objective:

Ensure the delivery of marine objectives, in line with the Port Marine Safety Code applied to JEC Port on behalf the JECPA (Jazan Economic City Port Authority), including pilotage, marine services, conservancy, traffic management and emergency preparedness.

Familiar with normal harbor statutory undertakings, including International Ship and Port Facility Codes.

Act as Senior Pilot.

Organizational Relationship:

Reports to COO and his Deputy.

Senior interface with Coastal Guard, Fire brigade, Maritime Police and Ministries of Transport and Defense.

Major Activities Performed:

  1. Ability to make day to day decisions and to prioritize work in line with operational requirements.
  2. Able to cooperate with numerous authorities including representatives of PSC, Customs, Veterinary agencies, Environment, Quarantine and Health Agencies, and local government.
  3. Understanding the operation of a busy commercial port and its legal consequences and components
  4. Experience of liaising with a cargo operations team in the programming of ship scheduling to maximize quay and storage efficiency
  5. Emergency procedures, SPO’s, MOS’s, COE, MPX, PPP, Norms & regulations, crisis Management authority, both remotely and on site, OSR and act as Pilotage Senior Manager.
  6. Full Management of the Navigational channel, Iala and Aton management.
  7. Interface with all statutory entities for the good compliance.
  8. In charge of Industry Safety standards applied to JEC Port.
  9. In charge of the VTS and Schedule planners.
  10. Line manager to two Marine Managers.

Experience and Qualifications:

  1. Bachelor’s Degree or Higher Diploma from recognized nautical Academy as Deck Officer and holding STCW 11/2 (Masters Unlimited) Certificate of Competency (or equivalent) or a lesser STCW Qualification combined with relevant port operational experience.
  2. Pilot Class A is preferred.
  3. Versed in the Pilot Act 1987, IMO Conventions and PMSC (Port and Marine Safety Code).
  4. Minimal ten (10) years’ experience as Harbor Master or Port Captain.
  5. Must be fluent in English
  6. Knowledge of computers and basic software applications: MS Office (Word, Excel, Power Point).

Language Requirements

Good knowledge of the English language is required.

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