Master for Jack up Barge Self Propelled

January 23, 2019
Master / SDPO Jobs
Vessel type:
Offshore vessel
United Arab Emirates

Seaworthy Consulting are looking for a Master/ Captain with Jack up Barge Self Propelled experience for a Self-Propelled Jack up Barge in the UAE.

Location: United Arab Emirates
Rotation: 45 day rotation on/off
Start Date: February 2019
Day Rate: $750 + $150 after final approval total $900 paid door to door


  • Master/ Captain Certificate of Competence
  • Valid ENG1 or equivalent medical.
  • Up to date and Valid STCWs: Personal Survival Techniques/ Fir Fighting/ Basic First Aid/ Personal Safety and Social Responsibility

This is a long term job. The client is located in the UAE and operates over 100 vessels. If you are interested please submit your CV below.

You must have 2 years as Master on a Jack Up Barge Self Propelled (730 days on board) to qualify for this job.

This job has expired. You cannot apply for it anymore.