Leadership is a Conversation, how?

Master Mariner James Foong  |  1st December 2020

As a ship captain, one of the important factors to consider might be the English proficiency of his team. Do not underestimate the existence of substandard officers being employed in a modern fleet.


The most unforgettable "masters standing orders" I've ever witnessed were written by my first captain I ever served for in 2007. His writing instruction was not only short and clear yet the ending 2 sentences in his instruction is still very clear in my mind until today.

"You can call me 100 times earlier but not 1 time late"

And my favourite one from him:

"If you want to be treated as a professional, then start to act like one."

Apart from maritime, in general from my personal opinion about leadership:

  1. Be loud and clear when you speak
  2. Look into the team mate's eye while speaking
  3. Make him feel united with the vision that your conveying

Use simple words and always mention "us", "we". etc. Don't use "I" and "me".

"I am sure you can do it", "I have the best person in place" - such statements will surely boost your team mate's confidence.

All the above are just 10% of the actual solution.

The real solution to your answer is understanding What and How your team is and what type of environment you’re in.

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