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MSC Shipboard Helicopter Firefighting

$400 USD

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Additional STCW courses
Training School:
Resolve Maritime Academy
Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States of America
1 day

Resolve Maritime Academy in conjunction with Military Sea Lift Command and other members of the industry has developed a one day helicopter firefighting course designed specifically for the marine industry. With the frequency of helicopters being used by corporate and private yachting interests the need for a rotary aircraft fire fighting course designed for professional mariners seemed like a natural evolution. It is a one day course that focuses on the techniques of fighting this type of multidimensional fire on a vessel. Designed with flexibility it can be tailored to any specific type of helicopter using state of the art computer programming for portions of the class room segment of the course. This allows the crew to become familiar with fuel shut offs, rotor brakes, battery locations, etc. that vary from aircraft to aircraft.

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Resolve Maritime Academy

1600 SE 17 Street, Third Floor
Fort Lauderdale, FL
United States of America

Tel: (+1) 09544639195
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