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Port Facility Security Officer

£865 GBP

Course Type:
Additional STCW courses
Training School:
LJMU Maritime Centre
Birkenhead, Wirral, United Kingdom
3 days


This course is approved by DfT who sets pre-requisites for enrolment on to this course:

  • At least 1 years’ experience of working in a Maritime Port Facility;
  • Candidates attending the course should be fluent in English;
  • Govt issued identification card or passport;

Candidates intending to work in UK-based facilities should have received, or applied for, Counter Terrorism Clearance from DTp. Other candidates may have to meet the same requirement from the flag state in the country concerned.


Oral questions and participation in group exercises.


Classroom theory sessions combined with workshops and group exercises.


UK Department for Transport (DfT) under ISPS Code Sections A/2.1.8 and section A/17.1

Course Description  

Course provides training in Port Facility Security for appointed personnel.  Approved by the UK Department for Transport (DfT), the course will be delivered by our training partner ChartCo training and is designed to give delegates a thorough understanding of the requirements of the ISPS Code, associated legislation and the practical implementation of these requirements.

Course Objectives include:

  • To understand the threats and impacts of terrorism on the maritime industry (Ships and Ports). As well as terrorist characteristics, weapons and devices.
  • To have a sound knowledge of the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code and amendments to SOLAS.
  • To understand the UK National Security Programme.
  • To understand the Port Security Regulations 2009 and EU Legislation.
  • To become familiar with port security organization, and responsibilities of key security personnel.
  • To have a sound knowledge of risk management principles.
  • To know the principles of security and surveillance equipment, maintenance and calibration.
  • To know the principles of security including access and screening measures.
  • To have a sound knowledge of the Port Facility Security Assessment (PFSA) and the Port Facility Security Plan (PFSP).
  • To understand the Ports and ship interface.
  • To have a sound knowledge of the notice of arrivals and the Declaration of Security (DOS) process.
  • To understand port security preparedness, training drills and exercises.
  • To know the principles of audit verification, security documentation and records.

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