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High Voltage (Management) Level

£965 GBP

Course Type:
High Voltage (Management)
Training School:
LJMU Maritime Centre
Birkenhead, Wirral, United Kingdom
5 days


  • Suitable experience as an electrical or electro-technical experience in a shipboard environment; or
  • 12 months sea time as an EOOW;


Continuous monitoring of candidate performance and procedural understanding  throughout the course with a final competence check conducted by an end of course written assessment


The candidates are provided with an opportunity to implement procedures related to operation of high voltage systems using simulated environment where classroom theory is combined with practical hands on training. 


MCA to STCW Table A - III/2

Course Description  

This five day course is designed to train delegates under the requirements of STCW (Manila amendments 2010) for revalidation of Chief and Second Engineer Officer CoCs (STCW Reg. III/2 and III/3) at Management Level and for Electro Technical Officer CoCs.

The course emphasizes on the safe procedures to mitigate the risks associated with work carried out on the high voltage systems on-board ships. Upon successful completion  of this courses, delegates will have the required skills and competency to carry out high voltage isolation, switching operations, use of testing equipment, electrical permit to work. The following learning outcomes will be achieved by the end of this course:

  • Functional, operational and safety requirements for a marine high voltage system;
  • Carry out maintenance and repair of high voltage switchgear of various types;
  • Fault finding and taking remedial actions during system faults;
  • Understanding and application of switching strategy for isolating HV system components;
  • Selecting and using suitable apparatus for isolation and testing HV equipment;
  • Performing insulation resistance and polarisation index tests on HV equipment;

A course completion certificate for this course is a mandatory requirement for second, chief engineer and electro technical officers CoC. Without this certificate, a negative endorsement will be placed on the CoC i.e. ‘From the 1 January 2017 this certificate is not valid for service on ships fitted with High Voltage (over 1000V) systems’.

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