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Proficiency in Designated Security Duties (PDSD)

€168 EUR (incl. VAT)

Course Type:
Designated Security Duties
Training School:
4am Training
Mosta, Malta
1 day

Proficiency in Designated Security Duties PDSD

This course meets the requirements set out in Regulation VI/6, paragraph 4 and section A-Vl/6, paragraphs 6 – 8 of the STCW Convention and Code 1978 as amended and incorporates Proficiency in Security Awareness laid down in Regulation Vl/6 and Section A-Vl/6 of the STCW Convention and Code.
The course is mandatory for anyone on board that will cover any type of security duties (CCTV monitoring, gangway admittance, armed security etc.) The original deadline for PDSD certification was January 2014; this has now been extended to 1st July 2015.

The course covers the following modules

  • Maritime Security Policy
  • Security Responsibilities
  • Ship Security Assessment
  • Security Equipment
  • Threat Identification, Recognition and Response
  • Ship Security Actions
  • Emergency Preparedness, Drills and Exercises
  • Security Administration

This is a one day course instructed via PowerPoint presentations. This course meets the requirements of IMO model course 3.24

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements

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4am Training

Triq Il-Kbira

Tel: (+356) 021436850
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