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Basic Training Revalidation

$450 USD

Course Type:
Updated STCW Basic Safety Training Week (Package)
Training School:
STAR Center
Dania Beach, Florida, United States of America
2 days


Each student who successfully completes this course will be knowledgeable of and have proficiency in Personal Survival Techniques and Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting Revalidation and will meet this requirement in the following areas:

  1. Personal Survival Techniques as set out in Table A-VI/1-1 of the STCW Code:
    1. Don and use an immersion suit;
    2. Safely jump from a height into the water;
    3. Right an inverted liferaft while wearing a lifejacket;
    4. Swim while wearing a lifejacket; and
    5. Keep afloat without a lifejacket.
  2. Fire prevention and firefighting as set out in Table A-VI/1-2 of the STCW Code:
    1. Use various types of portable fire extinguishers;
    2. Extinguish smaller fires, e.g., electrical fires, oil fires, and propane fires;
    3. Extinguish extensive fires with water, using jet and spray nozzles;
    4. Extinguish fires with foam, powder, or any other suitable chemical agent;
    5. Fight fire in smoke-filled enclosed spaces wearing self-contained breathing apparatus;
    6. Extinguish fire with water fog or any other suitable firefighting agent in an accommodation room or simulated engineroom with fire and heavy smoke; and
    7. Extinguish oil fire with fog applicator and spray nozzles, dry chemical powder.

This Course is USCG Approved and STCW Compliant. The course certificate states:

“This course is hereby recognized as a Coast Guard Approved Training Course as outlined in Subpart D of Part 10, Title 46, Code of Federal Regulations. Any applicant who successfully completes our Basic Training Revalidation (STRCTR-718) course will satisfy the continued competency requirements for Personal Survival Techniques and Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting in STCW as amended 2010, Section A-V1/1, 46 CFR 11.302(d)
and 46 CFR 12.602(d), provided that they have at least 1 year of sea service in the last 5 years.”


This course will be delivered through:

  • Lab Presentations and equipment, including live fire and pool drills
  • STAR Center produced Instructor Exercise Plans Entry standards

This course is open to students who have a need for such training as required by the United States Coast Guard and STCW as amended. Each student should possess the appropriate BT endorsement be in good physical health and speaks and understands English and have at least 1 year of sea service within the last 5 years on vessels that regularly hold fire and boat drills.

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