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Captain OUPV to 100-Ton License Blended Course & Exam

$1,200 USD

Course Type:
Training School:
Seven Seas Preparatory Academy
Orlando, FL, United States of America
3 days

Captains License USCG Approved

The boat Captains license allows you to operate inspected vessels (7 passengers and more) or uninspected vessels.

There are three types of Captains licenses, OUPV, inland and near coastal. This will depend on your sea service and size of vessel. Please refer to the USCG's NMC checklists.

Our course provides you with the following endorsements:

  • Master of vessels of less than 100 GRT (Near coastal, or Great Lakes & Inland or Inland Waters)
  • Operator of uninspected Passenger Vessels (OUPV)(Near Coastal, or Great Lakes & Inland, or Inland Waters).

Course delivery

  • Online
  • 3 Days practical training and review followed by the required examinations.

The USCG does not require you to get a Six-Pack license before you obtain your 25/50 or 100Ton license. If you qualify, you can take the course and examination to obtain your Captain's license. You will satisfy the examination requirements of 46 CFR 11.201 & 11.301 by presenting your certificate within one year of course completion.

Subjects include:

  • Seamanship
  • Navigation
  • Ship handling
  • Maritime Law
  • Emergency procedures
  • Vessel construction and design
  • Training on our professional ship simulator


The 3-day course will conclude with four examinations covering, collision regulations, deck safety, deck general, navigation general and chartwork. No tests at the Coast Guard required.

Note: A course certificate may be used for one application for the issuance of an endorsement and may not be used for any applications thereafter.


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This course is available on the following days:
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  • 13th June 2024 (8 places)
  • 22nd August 2024 (6 places)

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