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ISM – ISPS – MLC Internal Auditor – Online Course

$810 CAD

Course Type:
Maritime Internal Auditor
Training School:
Virtual Maritime Academy
online course
3 days

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Possibly the most informative, fully-online ISM-ISPS-MLC Internal Auditor courses, following the IMO, ISM, and MLC guidance and available anywhere. This course covers all the required subjects as instructed by the ISM Code and is key to ensuring that those persons performing the role of the Internal Auditor fully understand their duties and responsibilities.

In this online course, the participants will be fully prepared to assume the role of Internal ISM-ISPS & MLC Auditor. This means providing them with the understanding, knowledge, and skills necessary to Audit the vessel and shoreside management team according to the ISM Code.

Course Information

  • Estimated Time: 18 Hours
  • Difficulty: Advanced
  • Categories: Leadership

The objective of this course is to cultivate the knowledge and abilities necessary for conducting a comprehensive audit of an organization’s Management System as an Internal Auditor specializing in the ISM, ISPS Codes, and MLC. It also aims to instill the confidence needed to effectively audit a Management System in line with internationally recognized best practices.

Approved Training Courses:

Virtual Maritime Academy is a CPD Approved Provider and this course is fully accepted internationally.

Target Audience:

  • Individuals involved in the internal audit process
  • Those who aspire to become competent ISM-ISPS-MLC Internal Auditors
  • Management Representatives
  • Quality Managers & Directors
  • Consultants
  • Designated Persons Ashore (DPAs or CSOs) and their assistants

Course Prerequisites:

A basic understanding of ISO standards, ISPS, MLC, and ISM requirements, management systems, and the auditing process.

Regulations, Codes, and Conventions Addressed:

  • ISO 19011:2011/2018 – Guidelines for auditing management systems
  • ISPS / ISM code and MLC 2006

Learning Outcomes:

  • Satisfy and retain customers by addressing their current and future needs
  • Recognize the objectives and benefits of a combined audit for ISM-ISPS-MLC
  • Interpret audit requirements for application
  • Plan, execute, and follow-up on auditing activities that offer real value
  • Utilize the latest auditor techniques and identify appropriate applications
  • Boost stakeholder confidence by managing processes in line with the latest requirements

Course Structure:

  • ISPS Audit
  • ISM Audit
  • MLC Audit
  • Lead Auditor


Each chapter concludes with multiple-choice questions, followed by a final assessment. A passing score of 70% is required. The final assessment is entirely online, with no in-person classroom attendance necessary. A proctor will monitor you during the final assessment. A computer (not a tablet or Chromebook) with a webcam and reliable internet speed is required. A $75 CAD + applicable taxes fee applies for re-attempting the final assessment if you do not pass with a score of at least 70%.

Course Duration:

The 18-hour course can be completed at your own pace, allowing you to enter and exit the course as needed.

Delivery Method:

The course is entirely online, with no in-person class requirements.

Student Verification Requirements:

Students must submit official photo identification before starting the course, as mandated by Transport Canada.


A hardcopy certificate will be mailed to your address at no additional cost.

Online Course Topics:

This comprehensive course covers all necessary requirements, enabling successful trainees to:

  • Plan, conduct, report, and follow up on an ISM-ISPS-MLC audit
  • Identify the purpose and benefits of a management system
  • Explain the role and responsibilities of the Internal Auditor
  • Apply audit principles in relation to ISM-ISPS-MLC and verification for certification

Quoted price (ex. TPS/TVQ) is valid only with the following discount code: STCWDIRECT

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