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Company Security Officer (CSO) ONLINE

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Course Type:
Company Security Officer
Training School:
online course
1 day

Company Security Officer (CSO) online course. The aim of this course is to provide adequate knowledge to those who may be designated to perform the duties and responsibilities of a Company Security Officer (CSO), as defined in paragraph 2.1.7 (and paragraph 11) of the ISPS Code, Part A, Annex of MSC/Circ.1154, and the IMO Model Course 3.20.

Topics covered:

  • Develop, maintain and supervise the implementation of a Ship Security Plan.
  • Assess security risk, threat and vulnerability.
  • Ensure appropriate security measures are implemented and maintained.
  • Ensure that security equipment and systems, if any, are properly operated.
  • Encourage security awareness and vigilance.

Legislation & References:

Annex of MSC/Circ.1154
IMO Model Course 3.20

Who should attend: Personnel involved in security matters in shipping companies, Designated Person Ashore, Company Security Officers, Operation Managers, Marine and Technical Superintendents, Internal Auditors, Personnel of security companies

Duration: 5 h

Certificate: ABS, Liberia

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