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Proficiency in designated security duties (PDSD)

£300 GBP

Course Type:
Designated Security Duties
Training School:
Glasgow Maritime Academy LLP
Glasgow, United Kingdom
1 day

Glasgow Martime Academy delivers the ship security officers course every alternate week.

Course Duration: 1 day

Course Eligibility:

There is no minimum requirement to attend but it is advisable that you possess an understanding of ships operations but this is not mandatory.

Course Description

The Proficiency in Designated Security Duties training meets with the requirements of Section A-VI paragraphs 6-8 of the amended STCW code. This training is required by all personnel employed or engaged onboard ships to which the ISPS Code applies who have designated duties under the ships security plan. These Regulations came into force on 1 January 2012, however, Port State Control Officers have been requested by IMO not to enforce this regulation until 1 January 2014 provided that the vessel otherwise complies with the ISPS code (see IMO circulars STCW Circ.7/16 and STCW Circ.7/17). This training leads to the issue of an STCW Certificate of Proficiency. This course is also mandatory for armed security or unarmed security team member as part of a Maritime Security Team. This training need only be completed once in the seafarers career, there is no requirement for refreshment or revalidation.

Course Content

  1. Background to the international maritime security framework
  2. Ship security arrangements
  3. Performance of ship security duties
  4. Security contingencies and response
  5. Training and drills requirements under ISPS code

On completion of this training a seafarer will at least be able to:

  • Maintain the conditions set out in a ship security plan;
  • Recognise security risk and threats;
  • Undertake regular security inspections; and
  • Properly use security equipment and systems.

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