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MCA STCW Approved Stability Course For Workboats and Powerboats Less Than 24 M

£270 GBP (incl. VAT)

Course Type:
Work-boat Stability
Training School:
Stream Marine Training Ltd.
Paisley, United Kingdom
1 day


The MCA Stability for Workboats, Pilot Boats and Small Commercial Vessels is a new 1-day course introduced by the MCA to comply with the requirement in the 2014 MCA Workboat.

Candidates for other MCA qualifications such as Master 200/OOW 500, Boatmaster, Tug Master and Yachtmaster Offshore would find this course useful to understand what can be a complex subject.

Course outcomes :

  • General terms in use
  • General Principles of Transverse Stability: -
  • Adding, removing and shifting weights: -
  • The Stability Booklet
  • Stiff and tender vessels
  • Use of cranes and shift of CoG
  • Free Surface Effect
  • Critical KG calculations (Transverse Stability)
  • Inclining Test
  • Deck edge Immersion
  • Catamaran stability
  • Risks associated with Tug and Tow
  • Risks associated with deck cargoes
  • Wind & Ice accretion Effects.


The above one-day course includes a short 45-minute written exam that tests the knowledge and understanding of the students. Pass mark: - Minimum 60

Entry Requirements

Over 16 Years Old
Must Hold Government Photo I.D

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