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1750 | Vessel Security Officer

$500 USD

Course Type:
Ship Security Officer
Training School:
Mid-Atlantic Maritime Academy
Norfolk, Virginia, United States of America
2 days


Any applicant who satisfactorily completes our Vessel Security Officer (MIDATL-573) course will satisfy the training requirements of 33 CFR 104.215(d)(1)(iv) and STCW Code Section A-VI/5 for an STCW endorsement as Vessel Security Officer.

This syllabus covers the requirements of the STCW Code as amended Chapter VI, Section A-VI/5. Those who successfully complete this course should be able to undertake the duties and responsibilities of a designated Vessel Security Officer as defined in 33 CFR Part 104, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Regularly inspecting the vessel to ensure that security measures are maintained;
  • Ensuring maintenance and supervision of the implementation of the VSP, and any amendments to the VSP;
  • Ensuring the coordination and handling of cargo and vessel stores with other shipboard personnel and with relevant Port Facility Security Officers;
  • Proposing modifications to the VSP to the Company Security Officer (CSO);
  • Ensuring that any problems identified during audits or inspections or periodic reviews are reported to the CSO, and promptly implement any corrective actions;
  • Ensuring security awareness and vigilance on board the vessel;
  • Ensuring adequate security training for vessel personnel;
  • Ensuring the reporting and recording of all security incidents;
  • Ensuring the coordinated implementation of the VSP with the CSO and the relevant Facility Security Officer, when applicable;
  • Ensuring security equipment is properly operated, tested, calibrated, and maintained;
  • Ensuring consistency between security requirements and the proper treatment of vessel personnel affected by those requirements; and
  • Ensuring TWIC programs are in place and implemented appropriately.

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This course is available on the following days:
(please check the availability with the training school)

  • 9th May 2019
  • 30th May 2019
  • 13th June 2019
  • 27th June 2019
  • 1st July 2019
  • 18th July 2019
  • 8th August 2019
  • 22nd August 2019
  • 5th September 2019
  • 19th September 2019
  • 17th October 2019
  • 31st October 2019
  • 14th November 2019
  • 25th November 2019
  • 12th December 2019

Mid-Atlantic Maritime Academy

5301 Robin Hood Road
Suite 100
United States of America

Tel: (+1) 07576933150
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