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STCW Proficiency in security awareness A-VI/6-1

£90 GBP

Course Type:
Security Awareness
Training School:
FY7 Charter UK
Paignton, United Kingdom

This new compulsory training course for people who work aboard vessels that have to comply with ISPS (The International Ship and Port Facility Security Code) code of practice has been added during the 2010 Manilla amendment phase of the STCW 95.

Who is this course for?

A security course for all members of ship’s crews who do not have designated security duties onboard & who do not require SSO or PDSD certification plus those who wish to work at sea. The course in Proficiency in Maritime Security Awareness (MSA) is designed to provide those onboard ship who do not have a designated security duty with the essential MSA training which meets the Knowledge, Understanding and Proficiency Requirements as set out in the STCW Code A-VI/6-1.

Do you need it?

Security awareness training must be undertaken by all seafarers employed or engaged in any capacity onboard any ship which is required to comply with the ISPS Code.

Course content

  • The ISPS Code
  • Importance of ship's security
  • Maritime security definitions
  • Recognise and report security threats
  • Company and Ship security requirements
  • Security threat levels
  • Security measures and procedures

Course outcome

Award of certification is by assessment of the candidate’s ability to prove understanding and knowledge of the principles and techniques used to contribute to the enhancement to ships security.

We will be offering this course from late May 2016.

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