Deckhand for Workboat

Deck Rating Jobs
Vessel type:
February 1, 2024
  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Rotation: 4 week rotation on/off
  • Start Date: As soon As Possible

Day Rate: £160


  • OOW United Kingdom Certificate of Competence/ UK Certificate of Equivalence or Higher OR Yacht- Master Commercially Endorsed
  • Valid ENG1 or equivalent medical
  • Up to date and Valid STCWs: Personal Survival Techniques/ Fir Fighting/ Basic First Aid/ Personal Safety and Social Responsibility
  • Navigational Watch Rating Certificate (preferred but not necessary)
  • Approved Engine Course (preferred but not necessary)

Job Details: This is for Deckhand/ Able Seaman with experience on smaller Vessels. Experience can be on Fishing Vessels/ Workboats/ Crew Transfer Vessels/ Tugs and Multicats/ Yacht Vessels or Rescue. Any small boat handling experience will be considered. The job is for a client that owns a collection of workboats. Living will be onshore.

If you are interested please submit your CV below.

Work Experience Requirements

All applicants must have previous experience in working on ships.

Language Requirements

Good knowledge of the English language is required.

Certificates and Qualifications

Mandatory STCW certificates are required from all applicants.
Please sign up for STCW courses and obtain the certificates if you don't have them yet.

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